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Everlasting Light

From the collaborative efforts of Lloyd Larson, Mary McDonald, Jay Rouse, and Larry Shackley, "Everlasting Light" showcases the profound significance of the light of Christ come to earth. An insightful narration by Rose Aspinall incorporates scripture and personal reflection to tie together the compelling combination of powerful original music and beloved carols. Mary McDonald’s celebratory opener, "Everlasting Light," acts as the cornerstone of the work. Larry Shackley’s "Longing for the Light" beautifully portrays a yearning for restoration; Jay Rouse offers a stirring original song with words inspired by Mary’s Songs of Praise found in Luke 1:44-56; and Lloyd Larson’s "Shepherds and Angels" adds rhythmic and joyful energy. The work concludes with a robust medley of carols that points back to the opening song: "He is the Light, Everlasting Light; born a Savior, born this night. He is the One, the Everlasting Son; Child of heaven, He is the Light!" ', b'0', b'0', 0, 'Everlasting Light;He Is the Light (Underscore);Longing for the Light;My Soul Proclaims;Bethlehem, O Bethlehem;Shepherds and Angels;This Child of Light;This Is Christ the King;Everlasting Light (Finale)', b'1
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