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Follow The Star Follow The King

Follow The Star Follow The King is the journey from spiritual darkness to light, culminating in the birth of King Jesus. It is a distinctive blend of scriptures anticipating and celebrating the coming of the Christ, beloved carols and original new music which captures the mystery and majesty of this most holy season. Conceived as a flexible resource, the five sections of this work may be utilized amid multiple worship experiences during the weeks of Advent and Christmas, or they may be presented in a single service as a twenty-five minute work. The optional candle lighting enables a church to mark the Sundays of Advent or to highlight each movement of the cantata by underscoring the designated theme of each section.', b'0', b'0', 0, 'Come To Set Thy People Free (Larson);To Bethlehem (Wagner);Rejoice I Say Rejoice (Shackley);Arise Arise And Shine (McDonald);Light And Life To All (Larson)', b'1
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