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Jesus Shall Reign

Jesus Shall Reign! is both inspiring and inspirational, with the indomitable spirit and creative mastery of Mary McDonald on full display in this dramatic service of celebration for our risen Lord. The eight movements may be sung together with the narrative or stand alone as separate anthems that may be sung throughout the year. The work incorporates several seasonal hymn tunes and offers multiple opportunities for congregational participation, serving to energize all who hear it with the triumph and redemption that the resurrection offers to us. More than a simple re-telling of the passion story, "Jesus Shall Reign!" is a celebratory commemoration of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. An exploration of the meaning of Holy Week more than just an account of the events themselves, this memorable work is about the kingdom of Jesus Christ and our invitation to be a part of it. He died for our sins. He rose for our salvation. Truly, "Jesus Shall Reign!" ', b'0', b'0', 0, 'Jesus Shall Reign;Blessed Redeemer;Christ Will Be Lifted Up;They Could Not;City of the Light;Welcome Home;Crown Him;Be Of Good Cheer', b'1
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