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Jesus The Advent of the Messiah

Celebrate His arrival and worship our Holy Lord with this exciting musical for choir, soloist(s), and two narrators. A collaborative work by Mary McDonald and Rose Aspinall, "Jesus" glorifies the Son of the Most High with both familiar melodies and new songs of praise. And whether sung with Ed Hogan''s moving orchestration or with piano alone, it will take your Christmas experience beyond the manger as congregations and performers will learn anew the story of the birth of our Savior, the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus. 40 minutes in length. New SAB choral score available for 2018.', b'0', b'0', 0, 'Overture And Christmas Gloria;The Gathering;God With Us To Dwell;Heavenly Peace (Underscore 1);Heavenly Peace;He Is Born;Born A Mighty King;There Is Room (Underscore 2);There Is Room;Jesus High And Holy One', b'1
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