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Worship Openers 5

Finding effective choral introits/worship openers that captivate and inspire the beginning of worship can be a challenge. Extracted from some of the choral ''gems'' in the Hope catalog, this collection features twelve SAB introits that really do work! Each can be accompanied by piano, but several lend themselves to the organ as well.', b'0', b'0', 0, 'Acclamation and Praise (Marty Parks);We Are One in the Lord (Joseph M. Martin);Glory to God in the Highest (Jay Althouse);God Almighty Is (Mary McDonald);Hosanna Processional (Joseph M. Martin);Christ Has Arisen (Daniel Mattix);Holy Manna (Joel Raney);One World, One Communion (Pepper Choplin);To God Be The Glory (Mary McDonald);Come to the Light (Joseph M. Martin);Let Your Light Shine (Mary McDonald);', b'1
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